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Let's reverse climate change
with carbon dioxide removals

Since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide levels have been exponentially rising in the atmosphere and warming the planet. The Paris Climate Agreement aims to limit global warming to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and ideally to 1.5°C
– but it won’t happen from emissions reduction alone.


The key to reversing climate change is carbon dioxide removal

Discover the technology

Remove your CO2 contribution
and lock it away

Our Carbon Char Store app is the world’s first human-friendly marketplace for CO2 removals.

It’s where you can compare the permanence, price and volume of different removals using our unique classification system – and bid using our own crypto token: Carbon Char Coin.

Our carbon removal partners

We plan to host many carbon removal technologies – from direct air capture (DAC) to bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECCS). But, for now, we’re starting our journey with Standard Gas.

from Standard Gas

Standard Gas, our parent company, captures carbon as it turns non-recyclable waste into clean, renewable energy. This creates an almost-pure carbon (up to 95%) called char.

Char is stable and won’t return to CO2 quickly, so it’s bound into building materials – like concrete and asphalt – to keep carbon out of the atmosphere for hundreds of years.

Visit Standard Gas

Calculate your carbon footprint

Estimate your carbon emissions for a year with our carbon calculator

Calculate your CO2
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How it works

Our carbon dioxide removals take place in the future. You simply ‘bid’ in the Carbon Char Store app (coming soon) with Carbon Char Coin.

Then, once your CO2 is sequestered, you’re issued your Carbon Char NFTs – these are unique and bonafide digital certificates telling you where your CO2 lives and how long it will be locked away for.


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We’re working with leading institutions that look to make a positive impact.

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