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Our purpose

We exist to give you transparency of the whole carbon removal market, so you can compare permanence, price and volume – and make informed decisions on how you’d like to remove your carbon footprint.

Our story

The truth is that all carbon removals have value, even though they’re not all equal. So we’ve created a marketplace (the Carbon Char Store app) along with a unique classification system to define 10 grades of CO2 removal. This means you can compare different removals and make confident decisions based on what you can afford – and how you want to remove your CO2 contribution.

What’s most empowering about the Carbon Char Store app is that it’s run on Carbon Char Coin – our own cryptocurrency designed exclusively to support and fund carbon removals. You simply convert it into Carbon Char NFTs once your carbon removal has taken place.

We look forward to bringing transparency, security and affordability to the removal of your carbon footprint.

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Meet the team

  • Brian Reynolds Carbon CharStore 3

    Brian Reynolds

    Brian established Carbon Char Store with Richard, when he realised Standard Gas’ advanced thermal technology could be carbon negative. A deep dive into the world of carbon removals demonstrated that current marketplaces were unsatisfactory for ordinary people. Envisioning a secure and transparent system that allowed anyone to buy any number of carbon dioxide removals, Brian set to work building Carbon Char Store.

  • Richard Jackson Carbon CharStore

    Richard Jackson

    Richard modelled Standard Gas’ GHG emissions and quickly agreed that in order to expand its deployment, funding should be increased through the sale of carbon credits. Seeing that blockchain technology had not been used to legitimise ‘additional’ carbon credits, Richard set to work understanding what this system might look like. The result is Carbon Char Coin and Carbon Char NFTs.

  • Oliver Grogono Carbon CharStore sketch

    Oliver Grogono

    While studying climate change at university, Ollie came to understand the need for society to scale carbon dioxide removals alongside emission reductions. Having seen what Standard Gas was capable of – removing carbon from the atmosphere – he joined Richard and Brian to support building a platform that would grade, price and sell removals from all kinds of projects.