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Our Carbon Calculator
Estimate your carbon footprint

Quickly discover how much carbon you could be contributing to the atmosphere – and towards global warming – in one year. The average annual carbon footprint for someone in the UK is 10 tonnes of CO2.

*We aim to estimate to within 80% of your actual footprint.

  • q_building

    How big is your home?

  • q_people

    How many adults are in your household?

    This will tell us what fraction of your home’s emissions you’re responsible for.

  • q_train

    How far do you travel by train per year? (km)

  • q_bus

    How far do you travel by bus per year? (km)

  • q_truck

    What type of car do you drive?

  • q_truck

    How far do you travel by car each year? (km)

  • q_plane_short

    How many short haul return flights (up to 90mins) do you take a year?

  • q_plane_med

    How many medium haul return flights do you take a year? (1.5-4hrs)

  • q_plane_long

    How many long haul return flights do you take a year? (4hrs+)

  • q_food

    How would you best describe your diet?

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