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Carbon Char Store goes live!


The Carbon Char Store website is live!

After several months in the making and much longer spent building out its foundation, the CCS Classification and CCS White Paper, it hopes to begin sharing its vision: a new way for people to be able to engage with carbon dioxide removals.

As the sole distributor of Standard Gas’s removals we hope to use what we learn grading and offering these carbon removals, so that we can eventually offer removals from all kinds of projects.

By downloading its pioneering CCS Classification allows anyone to get an idea of what grade their carbon dioxide removals might receive, ultimately suggesting what they could be bid for when the Carbon Char Store App is online. Developed in partnership with Dr Saran Sohi of the University of Edinburgh, this academic and commercial project stands as an industry first.

The workings of the future Carbon Char Store platform are detailed in the comprehensive White Paper showing how the graded removals, crypto tokens and the ability to bid for removals, all fit together. Developed in partnership with leading defi-crypto experts, we hope this will shape the way people consider managing their carbon footprint, fuelling carbon dioxide removal and bettering the planet. This website will be the place to see updates for this and to sign-up to get early access.