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Classifying CO2 removals

We’ve developed a unique classification system with the University of Edinburgh to grade all types of carbon removal – from all projects.

Our Carbon Char Store Classification means you can compare removals across the entire market, and make decisions with greater confidence.


Why removals need classification?

We believe all carbon dioxide removals have value, although they’re not all the same quality. Some lock carbon away for thousands of years, while others only lock it away for hundreds. 100kg of CO2 sequestered for 100 years should be just as valuable (if not more) than 10kg of CO2 sequestered for 1,000 years.

Our robust classification system means you can compare and contrast removals of varying quality and value – giving you greater choice.

9 Carbon Char Grades
Empowering decision-making

Our Carbon Char Grades – AAA to C – make choosing a carbon removal simple. they allow you to confidently compare the quality of different technologies from different projects.

grading graphic base
Carbon grading AAA Carbon grading AA Carbon grading A
Carbon grading BBB Carbon grading BB Carbon grading B
Carbon grading CCC Carbon grading CC Carbon grading C Carbon grading D

Our 6 scoring pillars

We’ve developed 6 scoring pillars in collaboration with leading scientists at Edinburgh University. It’s the total score of all 6 pillars that equals a Carbon Char Grade.

  • Carbon Mass

    The certainty of the mass of carbon removed from the atmosphere in kg.

  • Record Keeping

    The quality of reporting on the carbon removal project.

  • Stability

    The stability of the carbon once removed from the atmosphere.

  • Permanence

    The length of time that the carbon will remain locked away based on existing scientific evidence.

  • Stewardship

    The likelihood that the organisation in charge of the removal will look after it.

  • Additionality + Novelty

    The certainty that your purchase made the removal happen and that it wouldn’t have happened without it; combined with how innovative the technology is.

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Download CO2 classification guide

Dive into the detail of our pillars and grades.
Plus, if you’d like to see your own carbon removal project on our site, see how it measures up.