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  • Carbon dioxide removal credits represent physical carbon dioxide that is sequestered from the atmosphere. While all CO2 removals have value, they’re not all the same. How that carbon is sequestered and how long it remains sequestered depends on several factors. We have scored these factors to provide an overall grade that can compare carbon dioxide removals of all kinds. This classification system, created in collaboration with Dr Saran Sohi of Edinburgh University, empowers you to make better decisions when considering how to meet your environmental goals.

  • Carbon Removal Tokens (CCCs) will be Airdropped by the CCS team to those with early access.

  • There are lots of crypto wallets available, but we recommend eToro. Click here to find out how to set one up.

  • Standard Gas’s carbon dioxide removals will be available in 2023, in the meantime we are onboarding other projects and building the Carbon Char Store app that will be the platform to support the CCS NFTs – our carbon dioxide removal certificates.