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Why we created our own crypto token

There’s no shortage of new and promising technology out there – but it’s desperately missing any tool to compare their environmental impact.

Our Carbon Char Coin will directly encourage technologies that directly solve global warming  by proving their removals have demand.

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Turning your Carbon Char Coin into NFTs

  • Get Carbon Char Coin
    available to early access customers via Airdrop
  • Choose carbon removal
    in the Carbon Char Store app
  • Your carbon is sequestered
    to the ground for decades or millennia
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  • NFT minted
    with unique info of the carbon removed
  • Carbon Char Coin converts into CCS NFT
    to uniquely prove your ownership

Your emissions are offset!

Coming Soon

The Carbon Char Store app

Sign up. Be the first to hear about its launch.

Sign up. Be the first to hear about its launch.

Our Carbon Char Store app is our marketplace where you ‘shop around’ for removals. Access it via your desktop app – or mobile. (coming soon)


Get set in 3 steps

You need just 3 things in place to receive carbon removals in the Carbon Char Store app

  • app steps 1

    Crypto wallet

    Set up a crypto wallet (like eToro), so you’re ready to store your Carbon Char Coin.

  • app steps 2_2

    Crypto exchange

    This is where you will be able to get Carbon Char Coin in the future.

  • app steps 3

    CCS account

    Set up a Carbon Char Store account to bid for different graded carbon removals.

Your Carbon Char Coins will sit here until your carbon has been removed and sequestered, then you can convert them into Carbon Char NFTs.

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Download our white paper

Discover everything there is to know about the thinking, philosophy and research behind the Carbon Char Store.