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SYLVA – Carbon Char Store’s mobile platform!


Our Carbon Removal App: Sylva is coming soon!

We are excited to announce that our updated carbon removal app Sylva will launch at the end of June!

What is Sylva

Sylva is a user-friendly carbon removal platform developed by Carbon Char Store, where you can use ‘Sylva’ tokens to support climate technologies.

What can I do with Sylva?

You can address your environmental impact and support the growth of negative emission technologies by ordering carbon dioxide removals. To begin with we are exclusively offering carbon removals from Standard Gas, with other projects coming in the future.

How does it work?

When your order is confirmed, you receive a commitment from Standard Gas to remove carbon on your behalf. Standard Gas’ SG100 plant removes carbon, and locks it away for hundreds of years. When the carbon has been removed, reported and verified you will receive your own certification!


So far, we have completed the design phase and next, we will focus on conducting initial feature testing to provide users with affordable, friendly and transparent carbon removal services.

We look forward to achieving new milestones in carbon removal services together in the near future!